In 1995, Tommy Heinrich became the first person from Argentina to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

May 15th 1995. 7.45 AM.
Mount Everest summit. 8.850 meters. 29.028 feet.
The summit must not be the final goal, but part of our journey through life....
Because in life, we All have our Mount Everest to climb.

Since then he has offered speaking engagements to corporations.

Illustrated with striking images, inspiring with sensibility, these presentations offer an amazing parallel with the challenges encountered in today's business world.

Reaching the summit of Mount Everest is a difficult and enduring challenge, that requires months of preparation, planning, training and team effort.

It was important to have a solid climbing background, since only the knowledge and experience would make him an asset and an appealing member of the team that he was part of.

To feel confident and safe on the mountain, he had to be well prepared, physically and emotionally acquired only with dedicated, meticulous and intense training.

Planning and organizing the expedition were also critical for their success. Raising funds, obtaining permits, acquiring climbing equipment, and hiring support personnel, food and supplies for the three month expedition had to be carefully taken care of.


During the ascent of the mountain, many obstacles lay ahead. The climate changes, with storms and extreme temperatures, deep crevasses that have to be crossed consistently, lack of oxygen and diseases, they would attempt against achieving the goal.


The team effort was crucial for their success. 10 members who Tommy didn't know before arriving in Nepal, in addition to 10 Sherpa who were hired as support personnel, soon became a solid group, all united by one common goal.


To succeed they had to continue step by step, with tenacity, determination and conviction, without loosing sight of their final destination.


When reaching the summit where views have no limit, the descent and even greater challenges lay ahead, so efforts and caution had to be sustained to safely return home.

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